Spencer Finseth

After more than 20 years of working together and countless millions of dollars in construction, I am still in awe with the high level of professionalism Northland Concrete brings to every project. There are very few companies that truly understand the concept of partnership.  It first starts with accurate budgets and then thoughtful “value analysis” helping our clients save money while producing a better project.  Then Northland delivers.  Their field staff is just as professional and helpful throughout the project…forward- thinking problems solvers. This approach of not waiting until the last minute to address issues helps eliminate the typical “change order” moment you find with most companies.

Although you might find some of these qualities with other companies, I doubt you’ll find all of them in one great company.

Greiner Construction would like to express our complete confidence in the team at Northland Concrete & Masonry!

Spencer Finseth- Principal

Greiner Contruction